Ania Hildrey – Headteacher


Liam is a fantastic photographer, an insightful photographer and a great professional to have onboard for capturing special moments to create lasting memories.

I have worked with Liam on both pre-planned whole-day photography shoots, but also relatively spontaneous, unplanned ‘capture the unplanned success story’ events.

He is the most flexible of the photographers I have ever worked with and through this, he has been able to respond to some of my random, sometimes last minute requests.

Liam is well organised, calm, with a talent for spotting the uniqueness of the setting, the situation or the subject.

His talent is supported by the best photographic equipment and excellent processing skills.

The overall result? Superb, high quality (and affordable) service,  with highly personalised approach, excellent creative and technical skills and a friendly and polite manner which makes photo shoots a pleasure for those who love it as well as the camera-shy. He is fast to process and deliver the final product and always responsive to feedback.

I highly recommend Liam for individual, group, special occasions, publications and news-piece photography.

Our organisation has used Liam’s services for two years now and we plan to use him for the future projects including prospectus, website and online platforms photo-content updates, event photo-journalism, as well as creation of photographic artwork for the positive promotion of our work in the community.

Ania Hildrey
Headteacher of Abbot’s Lea School, Liverpool