A complete solution


Historically, school photography has been a process whereby a photographer comes in and takes the pics, a proof card is produced which the child takes home to his/her parents.

If they want to buy some images, the card is returned to school – along with the payment – and the photographer (his/her company) fulfils the order.

Whilst this system is often relatively simple for smaller schools, it can be problematic for larger institutions where the pupil numbers run into the hundreds.

This system can  limit the parent to only buying from a relatively short list of printed packs, at the expense of many other products on the market,

Some schools (understandably) want less admin and prefer an online solution for their pupils’ parents with a wider variety of available products.

One Vision Imaging offers a complete solution which lets schools decide which system is best for them: a traditional proof card/a proof card which also allows access to a number of products online/a complete online system with no admin for the school.

Liam Deveney School photography has worked with One Vision Imaging for a number of years and is  hugely impressed with not only the range of products available, but also how quickly and efficiently they process all orders.

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