Belvedere Prep School May 2018


To order, click on any gallery below to view and purchase. You can add images from different galleries to your cart and order them when you checkout.

If you order Pack G (CD with individual and class image), select the individual pic you want (your son/daughter’s class image will automatically be added)

If you select Pack H – a dual mount with an individual and class image combined – select the individual pic to order against (the class image will automatically be added) This pack is not available for siblings’ images.

Individual full class images can only be purchased for £9; they can be found at the bottom of each class gallery.

As ever, ALL mounts are personalised with the school name and year!

Should you experience any issues whilst ordering, please contact Liam: email or call 07852-925041

Siblings’ images



Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six