Llandudno Development Gala 7th March 2015


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Events have been grouped together to save time so the B and AA events are in the same gallery.

Swimmers are shown in the order they swam so the B swimmers will be first then the swimmers from the AA heats.

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First session

Events 1&2 Girls 10/Over 100m Breaststroke

Events 3&4 Boys 10/Over 100m Backstroke

Events 5&6 Girls 9yrs 50m Freestyle

Events 7&8 Boys 9yrs 50m Butterfly

Events 9&10 Girls 10/Over 100m Backstroke

Events 11&12 Boys 10/Over 100m Breaststroke

Events 13&14 Girls 9yrs 50m Butterfly

Events 15/16 not photographed

Second session

Events 17&18 Girls 10/Over 200m IM

Events 19&20 Boys 10/Over 100m Butterfly

Events 21&22 Girls 9yrs 50m Breaststroke

Events 23&24 Boys 9yrs 50m Backstroke

Events 25&26 Girls 10/Over 100m Butterfly

Events 27&28 Boys 10/Over 100m Freestyle

Events 29/30 Girls 9yrs 50m Backstroke

Events 31/32 Boys 9yrs 100m IM

Third session

Events 33&34 Girls 9yrs 100m IM

Events 35&36 Boys 9yrs 50m Breaststroke

Events 37-40 Not photographed